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18 - 25 Age Group  Basketball

Aug 11 ’19
Aug 11 ’19
Unity Legends
Minimum age:
14 years old
Maximum age:
25 years old
Age as of:
Aug 10 ’19
Team Fees
Regular $100.00 per team + 4.25% Processing Fee
Individual Fees
Regular $25.00 + 4.25% Processing Fee

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The Unity Legends are excited to announce the 3 on 3 Legends Classic that will take place on Saturday, August 10th at Memorial Field in Summit, NJ. 

Teams will be divided by the following age groups: 

  • 11 - 13  
  • 14 - 17  
  • 18 - 24 

Each age group will play in their own separate division. 

Teams will play for the coveted Legends Classic basketball trophy. 

Rules of the day:

  1. Teams will have a max of four players to a team. 
  2. Games will be either 10 minutes long or first to 21.
  3. Each hoop will have it's own court coordinator that will keep track of the following:
    1. Score
    2. Peace (Calls are respected)
    3. Time
  4. Teams are asked to call their own fouls and to respect the call.
  5. Teams will play up to three pool play games before the championship round begins. 
  6. All teams will make the championship round.
  7. Single elimination once the championship rounds begin.
  8. Make it - take it rules are in effect during the entire tournament. 

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